Business Cards: Still Relevant?

An acquaintance posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone in our town who could appraise her mid-century modern furniture.

I know of a guy. I have his business card. Somewhere in this mess. Along with paint sample cards, five (!) business card holders, and two credit cards that I thought I had shredded.

Are business cards still necessary? I ask for a card when I meet someone new, because, frankly, I have a terrible memory for names and faces. Old-school networking advice recommends writing a little note the day after receiving their card, telling the person how good it was to meet them, and you’re looking forward to doing business today.

Today, we connect on LinkedIn, and Facebook, and are immediately forgotten. 

Looking through my business card stash is like a stroll down memory lane. I remember when I got this card. Oh yeah, this person is no longer at this agency. Where the heck did I get this card? I don’t recall this person at all. And yes even, oh yeah, this person passed away.

So, if I decide to do a purge, how do I go about it? And when I decide to keep cards, how do I file them? By agency or company name? By the person’s last name?

I had no idea this would turn into such a project. But who knows what hidden treasures  and lost connections lie in the bottom of my business card box.