I Swear…

University of Rochester researchers asked 1,000 people about 400 everyday habits—ranging from singing in the shower to swearing—and found potty mouths tend to have higher IQs.

Smart people are more likely to eat spicy breakfasts and walk around their homes naked, according to the report, published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal.

The goal of the study was to investigate which behaviors are linked to certain personality types.

My aunt Vera, born and breed on the banks of the Mississippi River in southern Illinois could turn the word “shit” into a three-syllable exclamation of delight or disgust, wonder or disapproval. I never realized it was a bad word until I repeated it, inflection and all, in the car on the ride home.

Yes, I swear. “Damn” and “hell” are frequent words in my vocabulary. Upon occasion, they appear in my writing, e.g., I’m a damn fine copywriter.

But there are certain words where I draw the line. One is the F-bomb. I’ve dropped a few bombs in my time, but never in my copy or self-promotion.

Yet I’m seeing it all the time in several Facebook groups I belong to. Writers promoting themselves as a f*****g great copywriter. Or asking a rhetorical question, “What the f***?”

I discussed this matter with a few friends, and one said that the word is becoming commonplace and that its lost its shock value.

As she said this, this phrase came to mind: “Profanity is the weapon of the witless.”  

So yes, I’m a damn fine copywriter. A hellava good writer. But I draw the line at a f****** great writer whose copy will kick your competitors’ a**.

And regarding the other two criteria as to whether someone is smart, I do like spicy breakfast food. The nudity part we won’t discuss.