What do expired spices and your marketing have in common?

Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have been having a record cold spell. Temps in the minus before you factor in wind chill.

Not being the outdoorsy—or crazy—type, I decided to spend time going through my two “cantry” shelves of spices and seasonings. (It’s not a pantry; it’s only deep enough to store cans one-deep. Hence the name cantry.)

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I Swear…

University of Rochester researchers asked 1,000 people about 400 everyday habits—ranging from singing in the shower to swearing—and found potty mouths tend to have higher IQs.

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I Wish I Had a Purple Crayon

As a child, I was a voracious reader. (Still am.) One of my favorites was—and is—Harold and the Purple Crayon, a 1955 children's book by Crockett Johnson. Harold, is a curious four-year-old boy who, with his purple crayon, has the power to create a world of his own simply by drawing it.

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